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A Better Fidget


Fidget toys are everywhere! They are spinning in the streets, springing out of drawers, clacking onto desks, and clicking in pockets. If you are looking for a little stress relief for you or your child, you will soon find that there are countless options. 

Regardless of their shape or size, these tools and toys are all trying to accomplish the same thing: better focus in a busy world. While there are few official studies on the effects of fidget toys, manufacturers try to operate with basic medical and psychological understandings and work with those principles.

The main principle in play is that controlled movement helps us focus. For kids with ADHD who are naturally fidgety in the classroom, researchers have found that encouraging them to fidget during lectures allows them to maintain focus and improve their working memory. Researchers from The University of Mississippi Medical Center claim that imposing students with ADHD to stop fidgeting in class forces them to focus on keeping still, rather than the lesson. In light of these findings, manufacturers try to create fidget toys and tools to redirect fidgeting energy and allow those with ADHD to focus.

So fidget toys can be useful, but how do you decide?

Fidget-user and blogger Kay Marner posted an article titled, What Makes a Good Fidget? which outlines the features you should look for. But does the CapeAble Fidget hold up to these standards?

  1. Silent - Our Fidgets have minky fabric coverings, muffling the magnetic snapping. They are very quiet, and the soft connections are not loud enough to disturb a classroom.
  2. Unobtrusive - While our Fidgets don’t quite fit into the palm of a child’s hand, their malleability allows them to fit into some pockets and purses of all sizes. They can also be worn around the wrist.  
  3. Tactile (not visual) - Our Fidgets are all about the hands, no visual attention required. The minky fabric makes them extra soft and tactile.
  4. Safe - On their own, our Fidgets are completely safe. No small parts. Nothing breakable. We do warn our customers about the magnets inside, which could pose a risk if someone were to cut them open (requiring scissors and some ingenuity). The fabric and magnet seals are tough and can withstand normal wear and tear. You can also machine wash and machine dry them.
  5. Tools (not toys) - Our Figets are fun, but quiet and non-distracting. They can even be used as a learning tool and game board with our magnetic patches. 
  6. Inexpensive - Marner lists this because “They’re likely to be lost,” but our Fidget is more substantial and more difficult to lose. It costs $25, comparable to some other tools and toys.
  7. Teacher-approved - We have yet to receive a complaint from a teacher. Administrators have already began to recognize the value of CapeAble Fidgets.

Be informed about your fidget tools. Maybe they are just what you or your child need to make it through the next meeting, lecture, or stressful day.