About Our Logo – CapeAble Sensory Products

About Our Logo


Our CapeAble logo has many layers of meaning behind it. Like the three images made into one, we have gathered three of many aspects that we love about our logo.

1. “C” is For “CapeAble
The hands in the logo are all making the ASL sign for the letter “C,” representing our
name and our belief that everyone is CapeAble of doing great things. 

2. Reaching Out and Embracing
Like the hands, our company exists to reach out to others. We want to help those suffering from conditions like anxiety, depression, insomnia, PTSD, special needs, and so many more. Not only do we want to reach out to people suffering, we also want to embrace them. The circular pattern that the hands are arranged in represents our desire to embrace people through our products. We design our products to feel like a hug.

3. Everything Comes Full Circle
The circle isn’t just about the embrace, it’s also about the scientific research and our beliefs about weighted therapy. Despite all of the innovation, all the mechanisms and techniques, therapy always comes back to the body and the way it is naturally designed to function. The most basic element of our weighted products is a hug. The therapeutic benefits? That’s just your body knowing what to do when you’re hugged. We design effective products to prompt a naturally therapeutic response.