College isn’t easy on the nerves. Students are usually dished syllabus shock, part-time jobs, impending debt, and budgets shorter than their shoelaces. Stir in some procrastination and anxiety to make a recipe for a stressful semester. It’s no wonder why anxiety is the top diagnosis for college students! This semester, you can come prepared to ace the stress test.

This relief doesn’t come from a bottle or a fitness fad; it comes from our natural instincts. What does a child do when he’s afraid or overwhelmed? He hides under his blanket. It’s soft, it’s controlled, and it’s comfy. What you need is a new security blanket, not a little one with stains and a worn-through corner, but a luxurious adult blanket with the therapeutic power to calm your nerves.

This is a CapeAble Weighted Blanket, and it’s here to help you survive your semester.

Our 2” weight distribution compresses and conforms to your body, easing stress and allowing you to feel secure and grounded. The science behind weighted therapy comes from the physiological response to deep touch pressure, like in massages, hugs, and petting animals. We’ve wrapped all of those good feelings into a cozy blanket.

Though they’re super soft and fuzzy, they aren’t just security blankets for children; they come in beautiful, reversible colors and lengths to fit adult-size stress. Our blankets are also machine wash and machine dry, and they are better quality and more effective than any DIY (trust me, those projects cause more stress than they relieve). Decorate your dorm futon with a blanket that looks as good as it feels. Come midterms, Netflix, or procrastination, you’ll be eager to get under your therapeutic weighted blanket.

Not sure if you’ll like a weighted blanket? CapeAble offers a 100-day satisfaction guarantee (that’s about the length of the entire semester). This is your chance to be a kid while easing your adult problems. Take a break from adulting to grab a juice box, some mac and cheese, and your blanket for some stress relief. This semester just got easier.