It’s that time of year again. School is in session. Some kids are so excited! Others are, well, they’re a little less enthusiastic. For you parents, that means a whole list of supplies to purchase: pencils for writing, notebooks for notes, crayons for coloring, and gym shoes for running, but what do they need for their back-to-school restlessness and anxiety?

CapeAble has the supplies you need for your child’s mental and emotional needs. 

For all the classroom jitters and seat squirming, we recommend trying our Fidget. Quiet and subtle, our Fidgets provide an outlet for nervous energy without disrupting the class. This tool is tactile, versatile, and engaging, helping your child relax and focus. When not in use, the magnets can stick to the side of a desk or locker.

Another way to keep your child focused at a desk or workstation is to use a Lap Pad. This tool can calm anxiety and help your child feel grounded. Thin and discreet, the Lap Pad can fit under a desk for stressful subjects, or it can be worn over the shoulders like a cape for relaxing reading.

For those with extra sensory needs who have trouble getting through days with new schedules and strange sounds, we recommend our Capes and Sashes. They conform to the chest and help your child feel safe, secure, and grounded. The Cape hugs the shoulders while the Sashes allow a full range of motion and can fit under a sweatshirt.

We find that the best way to de-stress after a long school day is to cuddle under a Weighted Blanket. Both you and your child can fit under a Couch Blanket or a Full Blanket to de-stress together; school can be stressful for you too! These blankets are prefect for afternoon naps, homework stations, and family relaxation.

This school year, remember to get supplies for all of your child’s needs, whether for classes, activities, or stress relief.