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Fidgets for Everyone


Yesterday, we talked about how our Fidget can help you or your kids stay focused in meetings and classrooms, but today we’re going to talk about how Fidgets can also be used in therapy sessions and rehabilitation. Our Fidgets are not only fun to play with, but they are also helpful tools.

Occupational therapists already use our Fidgets within their therapy sessions with special needs children. With the CapeAble Fidgets, these children can work on their fine motor skills and muscle coordination. Therapists can wrap them around children’s wrists for a comforting weight or to help them steady their writing. Combined with the Magnetic Patches, the Fidget can serve as an education game that therapists use to teach children about emotion recognition. This educational opportunity is very important to children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder who have difficulty distinguishing and understanding emotions.

Our Fidgets have also found a place within nursing homes. Fidgets are wonderful tools to help the elderly retain or regain dexterity. With these soft tools, the elderly can exercise their hands, which could possibly help treat and prevent arthritis.  The Fidgets are also useful for rehabilitation for a traumatic injuries or strokes.

Sometimes people need to break a finger-sweat to break boundaries, and we are here to help. Whether it is to regain dexterity, improve coordination, learn a lesson, or keep focused, Fidgets are here to offer a soft, sturdy solution for your fidgeting needs.