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Fighting for Focus


What do you picture when you think of ADHD? Do you imagine a small child disrupting a classroom with lots of noise and bouncing off the walls? While perhaps a bit extreme, you aren’t wrong. ADHD can, and often does, affect small children and disrupt classrooms; however, ADHD is not just for children.

ADHD is prevalent in about 4 percent of the adult population, or 8 million adults. The National Institute of Mental Health outlines the general warning signs of ADHD as: inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. The article continues to outline 18 signs and symptoms, including fidgeting while seated, overlooking details, forgetfulness, and interrupting others.

ADHD is a recognized condition that can significantly affect a person’s life and productivity, whether young or old. Life comes with lots of distractions, no matter what age you are! Maybe you or someone you love has ADHD, or maybe you just think you could use a little more focus. Either way, CapeAble has you covered.

We’ve talked a bit before about how our Fidgets can help you focus. By redirecting your fidgeting energy into a quiet, subtle task, you can give your whole attention to that meeting, lecture, or computer screen. Workplaces love our Fidgets! Some businesses have even ordered sets for their employees to use during important meetings. Bosses know that their employees are paying attention when they are folding our Fidgets.

But our focusing power doesn’t stop there. Our Wrap Around can serve two different functions for double the therapy. Draped over the shoulders, the Wrap Around is soothing and calming. Wrapped around the hips (hence the name), it promotes good posture and helps the body to recenter itself and stay alert and focused. Take the focus on the go! You can wear it at the desk to stay focused during sleepy mornings, or in the driver’s seat to stay alert through long trips.

ADHD isn’t just for kids, and neither are our products. Don’t let ADHD distract you from your goals! We have tools and techniques to help you stay alert and focused.

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