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For Women Everywhere


We are beautiful, we are powerful, and we are CapeAble. Welcome to our Women’s post.

As a company owned and operated by women, we understand the joys and pains of womanhood, and we want to support women everywhere by providing relief in the ways that we do best.

We know that sometimes painkillers and chocolate just don’t cut it for cramps, headaches, and whatever else Mother Nature sends our way. In times like these, what we want is comfort, and maybe some therapeutic heat and pressure. CapeAble has you covered. Our Wrap Around works great for menstrual cramps. Let the calming  power of our weighted products ease your worries, frustration, and discomfort away. Throw the Wraparound (or any of our other products) in the dryer for a nice heated pad that you can lay or tie around yourself. The glass beads retain heat, and the minky soft fabric creates an experience that is extra soothing. Our Lap Pads and Couch Blankets can also team up to help.

These products can also help ease symptoms of menopause. Medical News Today claims that menopause could lead to disturbed sleep.

Our Couch Blankets could help you get a better, more restful sleep. You could give it a try with our 100 day satisfaction guarantee. For hot flashes, you could put a CapeAble product (like a Wrap Around, Lap Pad, or Fashion Scarf) in your refrigerator to get some cool, calming relief; just make sure to keep the magnets aligned.

Don’t let stress or moodiness ruin your day! Feel calmer and more regulated with CapeAble products. We believe that every woman deserves to be pampered with weighted therapy.