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Four Reasons Why CapeAble Products Work Great In Nursing Homes


Our products are not designed to fulfill only one purpose or to be useful only in certain locations. We are not just for therapy sessions, or hospitals, or schools, or institutions, or workplaces, or homes. We can help a whole range of conditions, and we can go anywhere.

Nonetheless, we believe that we could make a big difference in nursing homes across America. Here are Four Reasons Why CapeAble Products Work Great In Nursing Homes.

1. Our Fidgets make for CapeAble Hands

As stated in a previous article, Fidgets are not only useful for keeping one focused, they’re also great for physical therapy. With Fidgets, the elderly and those with debilitating medical conditions (like osteoporosis and strokes) can exercise their hands and work on fine motor skills. Fidgets can help the elderly regain and maintain hand dexterity while combating arthritis.

2. Our Calming Covers are especially useful for those in wheelchairs

In a community where most of the inhabitants are more or less confined to wheelchairs, our Calming Covers (which are designed to fit wheelchairs) could make a big difference! The cover acts as a weighted blanket, providing all of the comforting goodness, but it is thin enough to fit inside a wheelchair without dragging into the wheels. The Calming Cover attaches behind the neck with magnets, allowing for easy application. With the magnets, the user is also free to attach and detach it at independently. The Calming Cover has all of the benefits of a weighted blanket in a convenient, hands-free form that works perfectly in a nursing home setting.

3. Our weighted products can help ease symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease is characterized by tremors, slowness of movement, stiffness, and instability. Parkinson’s Disease also involves the decrease of an important neurotransmitter called dopamine. Our weighted products use deep touch pressure to mimic hugs, which have been shown to promote dopamine production. The increased dopamine could possibly help treat Parkinson’s Disease along with medication. The weighted therapy could also help sooth and comfort the stiffness and tremors.

4. Our Products are soothing

Our products are made to comfort, and they can provide therapy and relief for a whole range of conditions. This soothing power could be helpful for those suffering with Alzheimer's and Dementia as well as general discomfort. Our #1 Fill Couch Blankets are easy on frail bodies, yet offer therapeutic benefits. For all those who feel still, uncomfortable, or emotionally unbalanced, we want to wrap you in a soft, comforting weighted blanket.