Fourth of July Fireworks – CapeAble Sensory Products

Fourth of July Fireworks



On the Fourth of July, you can expect fireworks. Huge, bright, shining, shimmering, whizzing, whining, fantastic fireworks. You're going to love it.

But do you know who won't love it? Max. Fido. Fluffy.

Those great, booming fireworks are just too much for these sensitive ears, and they are enough to send nearly any dog into a panic. We want to send a little comfort to those poor pooches. Maybe you can’t hold your beloved pet while it’s frightened, but a CapeAble calming cover can provide the therapeutic embrace it needs. The deep pressure touch from our weighted products can offer the same comfort to dogs as they do people.

For the calming cover, simply attach the magnets around Lucky’s neck, beneath his chin, so that the cover can rest comfortably on his back. This works best while your dog is laying down so that it doesn’t fall off. Some dogs may even prefer the weighted blanket, as they can burrow underneath and hide in safety.

We recommend you accompany your dog as it enjoys a weighted product to prevent chewing or other damages. Remember that all of our products are machine wash and dry, so no doggy smells have to stick around.

For future Fourth of July celebrations, ease the shaking, scratching, and barking with a CapeAble calming cover or weighted blanket, the perfect way to embrace your pet.