Free to Move

Children with Wearables at park

Here at CapeAble, we have found that the best form of hospitality is one that allows guests to leave feeling happier, healthier, and empowered.  To all of you reading, and to all of you seeking relief from burdening medical conditions, we ask you to be our guests.

We have discovered that the wrong kind of weight is restraining, but the right kind of weight is freeing. Our weighted wearables are designed to allow free movement.

One of our favorite products, our Sashes, allows a full range of motion. Your child can run, jump, stretch, reach, twist, turn, and play, all while receiving the benefits of calming, strategically-placed weight. Sashes are playground ready!

Our magnets are extra powerful, not just because they do a great job of securing your wearables, but because they empower the wearer. Unlike weighted vests with difficult straps in hard-to-reach places, our magnetic closures can be easily attached, detached, and adjusted by the wearer. Your son has the freedom to decide where, when, and how he will wear his Sashes. Your daughter can take her cape off and on as she sees fit. No more stretched straps, scratchy Velcro, or stuck zippers.

The same goes for our Neck Wraps and Fashion Scarves: convenient magnetic closures and beautiful, silky soft fabric. These are designed to be as fashionable as they are functional. Let’s be honest, you don’t want to be wearing anything that looks awkward or out-of-place. Our Neck Wraps and Fashion Scarves are both subtle and chic, so that you can wear them anywhere. You can be comfortable and confidant.

We want to empower you and your children to be CapeAble of doing anything.