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Helping veterans with PTSD

Yesterday, we celebrated the foundation of our nation, but today we remember the brave men and women who keep it safe: our soldiers. As these soldiers come home from deployment, many return with symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

According to the Lone Survivor Foundation, 1 in 3 combat service members suffer from invisible injuries such as combat trauma or traumatic brain injury. Symptoms of PTSD may include flashbacks, isolation, insomnia, avoidance, anxiety, depression, hyper-arousal reactions, and anger outbursts. We sympathize with the courageous soldiers who are fighting mental illness long after the battle is over, and we recognize the pain and hardships they and their families face daily. But we also recognize that sometimes it is hard to know what to do.

We want to help in the way that we do best.

Maybe we cannot always bombard our soldiers with love in the way that we would like, but we can wrap CapeAble weighted blankets around their shoulders, which simulate a hug. These traveling hugs could offer comfort and relief wherever they go. With these blankets, we could help console the feeling of social isolation that is often associated with PTSD.

The DSM-5 also outlines symptoms including hyper-vigilance and insomnia. A CapeAble weighted blanket may be able to ease hyper-vigilance, as the Deep Touch Pressure is often known to instill a sense of safety. Weighted blankets are also used to treat insomnia (more details to come in an upcoming post).

Here at CapeAble, we support our troops, here and away. We want to be there to help fight all of the invisible enemies, one blanket hug at a time.