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Joint Justice


You’ve been busy this summer! We’re proud of your trips to the gym and jogs around the neighborhood. We think your backyard looks great! And your kids loved that trip to the park! But your joints? Well, maybe they aren’t so happy.

We want you to be free of joint pain so that you can do whatever your summer demands. We recommend that you lay a Lap Pad or a Wraparound over your painful, aching, or swollen joints. The Wraparound is great for hurting hips. The steady pressure could help reduce inflammation, which could help you get back on your feet sooner.

Joint pain can also keep you up at night. Crawl under a Couch Blanket for a full night sleep. With your whole body feeling relaxed, you could fall asleep easier and sooner. This allows your body the opportunity to heal itself in the way that it is naturally designed.

CapeAble weighted products could help you feel relief from joint pain and fall asleep easier, but don’t take our word for it.

Sharon received a CapeAble weighted blanket as a gift, and has found a better night’s sleep since. She said,

“I don't know how it works.....I don't know why it works....I just know IT WORKS!!! I sleep better than I have in years. My joint pain has even improved tremendously!”

Between visits from her grandchildren, who fight over the blanket, Sharon uses her blanket for nightly relief.

“I throw my blanket in the dryer just before going to bed.....WONDERFUL!!!!!”

Another user who has found pain relief, Linda, shares her story and her strategy:

“I am in need of a hip replacement and my hip area is bone on bone and very painful. I have found that covering my hip area at night with one of the heaviest weighted blankets from CapeAble I have much less pain and am able to sleep more comfortably. I recently added the neck wrap to help alleviate tension in my neck and shoulder area and have found using the 2 CapeAble products together at night makes a world of difference. I am so thankful.”

We are happy that Sharon and Linda have found relief with CapeAble, and we want to share this relief with everyone. We want to help you get back to summer fun!