July is Hospitality Month – CapeAble Sensory Products

July is Hospitality Month


Blankets are the essence of hospitality. They are what we wrap around the shoulders of emergency victims to console them. They are the first things we wrap around newborn babies to welcome them. Blankets are the basic element of care and comfort.

This is even more true for weighted blankets. We specifically design our blankets and other weighted products to give an extra comforting hug every time you wrap them around yourself, providing therapy for all sorts of conditions, from trauma to daily stress. We know that our products can offer relief to those suffering from intense disorders such as SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). To us, and to them, they are not just Blankets, Capes, Sashes, or Scarves; they are extensions of hospitality in an overwhelming world. For those who find sounds, sights, and textures to be unnerving, even triggering, we want to provide a piece of comfort so that they may feel secure, empowered, and CapeAble.

This month, we are kicking off our new blog by highlighting several different stories of hospitality—the efforts being made, the breaking scientific research, and the products that can provide relief to these brave individuals. We want to share your stories of becoming empowered. After all, we are CapeAble because you are. Along with these encouraging stories and testimonies, we will also share our knowledge of how weighted products can provide medical aid and therapy to so many conditions. We want to show the world what CapeAble can do!