Meet Samara


Meet Samara. She is a beautiful, intelligent, and talented young lady, and the newest addition to our CapeAble team.

Samara was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (along with her brother, Tanner), but she has never let her struggles stop her from shining. She is a proud member of the Whitley County Dazzlers, a special needs cheerleading squad, and was crowned Miss Amazing in 2014.

Living with Cerebral Palsy, along with being confined to a wheelchair and walker, has come with its own set of struggles. In her blog, Samara talks about the challenges of attending a public high school that was not handicap accessible. Although accommodations were not easy to come by, ramps and elevators weren’t her only obstacles; when talking about her time in school, she said,

“My education has always been kind of a battle because people always expect less of Me.”

But Samara’s struggles have not defeated her, they have empowered her. She is currently a senior at Indiana Tech studying fashion marketing and management. With her degree, Samara plans to work in the fashion industry and design clothes, tools, and accessories for people with special needs and in wheelchairs. She recognizes that, “In the fashion industry it is so hard to find clothing.” Sharing her goals, Samara said:

“Since I grew up with a disability, I want to make it easier for people, not only those like me who can sit and stand, but those who are also seated permanently.”

She wants to design backpacks and umbrellas for people in wheelchairs, and she also wants to create AFOs ( Ankle and Foot Orthoses, or leg braces) that are lighter and more comfortable.

Recognizing her dreams of designing for those with disabilities, the Springboard Foundation recently granted Samara The Runway of Dreams Scholarship. This $2,500 scholarship will contribute to Samara’s education and help her achieve her dreams.

We are so proud of Samara, and we can’t wait to see what she’ll do! Congratulations!