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Stressed Out

Rocking Chair CapeAble Wrap Around

Raise your hand if you feel stressed out. . . No, just one hand. . . Wow. . . that’s a lot of hands.

Everyone experiences stress. Some stress is even good for us; for example, becoming a parent for the first time is very stressful, but also very good. But sometimes we have more stress than we can handle. Maybe your neighbors have no sense of volume, or your mailbox spontaneously produces bills, or your son decided to buy that motorcycle, or you’re questioning where to apply for a 25th hour of the day.

We’ve all been there, but that doesn’t make the collateral damages less scary. Medical News Today outlines effects of stress including insomnia, weakened immune system, heart disease, and many more. (click here for the article) So, in a roundabout way, stress can kill you. Are you feeling it now?

But you already knew that stress is bad. Many of you are already quite familiar with the headaches, muscle pain, irritability, and fatigue. We know that even the “minor” symptoms of stress are difficult to bear, and we want to help.

Medical News Today recommends that you exercise, eat nutritious meals, delegate tasks, cut the caffeine, or practice breathing techniques among other suggestions. These are all good ideas, and we also recommend them, but we have another option to try.

Slip under our Couch Blanket. Focus on the gentle pressure embracing you and feel your stress melt away. Lay a Neck Wrap over your eyes. Does it look silly? Not at all—it looks like relaxation. Shrug into a Wrap Around. Feel the soft, luscious fabric. The serotonin and endorphins are already on their way. Place a load on to take a load off. You have found your happy place.