The Do's and Don’ts of Weighted Products – CapeAble Sensory Products

The Do's and Don’ts of Weighted Products

Our products are simple, safe, and easy to use. You and your children should enjoy your weighted products without a worry in the world. But if misused, weighted products could be dangerous. Our guidelines follow very basic common sense, but we believe in safety first!

DO lay your weighted blanket over yourself or someone else.
Our weighted blankets are made to relax or cuddle under. They should lay loosely over users so that they can move freely underneath and take it off independently.

DO consider the intended user’s age, size, and need before purchasing a weighted blanket.
Find the best size and weight to fit you or your loved ones. Children and the elderly often need smaller, lighter blankets, and they should not be used on children younger than two. Most people love our #2 fill.

DO use the magnetic closures on our weighted wearables to adjust the sizes accordingly.
Our magnetic closures make it easy to fasten, unfasten, and adjust the product and make for the best fit. They also give the wearer freedom to take it off independently.

DO mind the magnets
Consult your doctor if you have a cochlear implant, pace maker, or other medical device before purchasing products with magnets.

DO remember that our products are heavy.
These are not your usual blankets or scarves. They are made to be therapeutic and could also do some damage if used improperly.

DO NOT wrap anyone in a weighted blanket.
That means no human burritos or sushi rolls. Folding the blanket doubles the weight, and you should never restrict a person’s movement. The user should be able to remove the blanket independently.

Do NOT purchase our heaviest blankets without considering sensory needs.
While smaller bodies often need lighter blankets, larger bodies do not necessarily need heavier blankets to experience the full effect. Our #3 and #4 fills are designed for those with extra sensory needs.

DO NOT fasten weighted wearables too tightly.
Our weighted wearables should not restrict movement. The user should be able to wear it comfortably.

DO NOT swallow magnets
Supervise your children as they use Emotion Patches. Swallowing magnets can cause damage.

DO NOT misuse our products.
It sounds simple, even silly, but misusing our products could cause damage. Do not use our Wrap Around as a scarf or our Snake Around as a toy.


Here is a list of some other (but not all) ways you shouldn’t use CapeAble products.


  1. Chew, swallow or eat our products- we do not sell food.
  2. Microwave our products- our products are made with glass, not rice. 
  3. Hit, slap, or otherwise assault anyone with our products
  4. Use our products to smother anyone
  5. Wear our products while engaging in strenuous exercise
  6. Smoke while using our products
  7. Keep our products near open flames- they don’t like fire
  8. Use our weighted blankets to make smoke signals- they are very ineffective for this purpose
  9. Wear weighted blankets or Calming Covers as capes- we make actual Capes for that
  10. Present our products as chew toys for animals
  11. Cut, burn, or destroy our products- you will miss them too much
  12. Attempt to fly with a Cape- airplanes are fine, but skydiving and roof-jumping are not
  13. Remove magnets from their encasings
  14. Ride roller coasters with our products
  15. Make togas with our weighted blankets- you would look fabulous, but they are cumbersome and present tripping hazards
  16. Attempt to charm our Snake Around- it is not, and has never been, a real snake
  17. Use our products in the pool- water makes them heavier
  18. Use our products in space- they are ineffective in zero-gravity

With a little common sense, we can all enjoy our weighted products without any worry.