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The Wrap of All Trades

Today, we are featuring a therapeutic tool that is as versatile as it is beautiful. This is the Wrap Around.

The Wrap Around is six feet long, one foot wide, and comes in a #2 or #4 fill. You can get it in any of the CapeAble fabric options, from the soft, minky smooth to the luscious, tactile, sculpted fabric. It’s soft. It’s therapeutic. It’s beautiful.

But that’s not the best part.

You can wear it in countless ways. Shrug it around your shoulders. Drape it across your arms. Wrap it around your hips. Fold it into your lap. Lay it across your entire body. Wear it in any of these ways or combine them.

That’s still not the best part.

The Wrap Around offers different, even opposite therapeutic benefits depending on how you wear it. When wrapped around your shoulders and arms, the Wrap Around is calming and comforting, much like our Capes, Sashes, and Weighted Blankets. On special orders, we will even add magnetic closures to the ends so that you can wrap it around your wrists to ease arthritis and carpal tunnel. The Wrap Around works great for cancer patients experiencing pain or for anyone trying to relax. Let the Wrap Around sooth you into a soft, restful sleep.

Wrap it around your hips and lower back with the ends crossing over your upper thighs. Bam! Better focus. Better posture. Around the hips, the Wrap Around hugs your lower back and helps you sit straighter. This gentle pressure around your lower back, as well as the improved posture, helps you stay alert and focused, promoting proper blood flow and breathing. This use of the Wrap Around is great for office work, homework, and driving.

At CapeAble, we are sewing six feet of therapeutic opportunity in our Wrap Around. From soothing shoulder tension to improving posture, this is the Wrap of all trades.