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When the Storm Rolls In


You can feel it before you see it: the cold, wet breeze in the middle of a muggy summer day. The grass rises and flattens like ocean waves. The air pressure plummets. The sun is smothered by dark clouds. 

A storm is coming.

You know what to do. Head for shelter. Shut all the windows. Turn on the weather channel. It’s just a thunder storm.

But your children, pets, and loved ones with SPD might not have the same perspective. To them, storms can be terrifying. Huge forks of lightning that strike faster than the eye can see. Thunder so loud it shakes the house. They’re terrified.

Do you still know what to do?

Of course you do! You’re a CapeAble parent! You have your Couch Blanket ready to wrap around the shoulders of your loved ones. You know that storms aren't so scary when they're hidden within a blanket. You also know that the deep touch pressure is calming, comforting, and helps them feel grounded, no matter what is flying around outside. 

This summer, you can expect some thunderstorms, but you can also expect to be prepared with CapeAble.

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