Every Color Has a Story

Which Story is Yours?


For you, lover of the sleek and vibrant feel of modern mid-century design. You shine bright without an ounce of shame. Slide under a Mid-Century Amethyst Blanket for a good night sleep, or Wrap a Mid-Century Sapphire around your shoulders at work.

Be Bright. Be You.

Silver Plush

For you, lover of all things rich and luscious. You are safest when surrounded by luxurious pleasures. Surround yourself with love under a Silver Plush Navy Blanket or Silver Plush Grey Wrap.

Be Lavish. Be You.

Teal Bloom

For you, lover of blooms and blossoms and pretty things. We love how beauty brings a smile to your face and a song to your heart. Slip under a Teal Bloom Blanket for sweet and beautiful dreams or wrap happiness around your shoulders with a Teal Bloom Wrap.

Be Beautiful. Be You.

Camo Plush

For you, you wild and free spirit. We won't tell anyone you still love to snuggle with your favorite plushy. Sleep sound and cozy under the Camo Plush Blanket or look cool while feeling snug wrapped in a Camo Plush Wrap.

Be Wild & Free. Be You.

English Cottage

For you, lover of the earth and all things organic. You are a gorgeous soul with natural serenity. Slide your bare feet under an English Cottage Moss Blanket. Let the arms of nature embrace you with an English Cottage Wrap.

Be Natural. Be You.