Featuring SmartWeight™ Technology


Understanding The Science Behind The Comfort™

The brain and the central nervous system are an amazing team. The brain is the boss but every message the brain receives comes from the nerves. These messages get sent from the nerves to the brain even while you are sleeping. 

If the message the brain receives is painful, like a hand touching a hot stove, the brain will direct you to remove your hand – fast. CapeAble weighted products supply an input to the nerves that is pleasing and comforting.

CapeAble’s patent pending embedded micro 2” square distribution of weight provides even and consistent contact with the nerves. This compression simulates Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation (DPTS) and propels the central nervous system to communicate peace and security to the brain. Neuro transmitters fire up in the brain and propel the release of serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. You will experience improved focus and ability, a relief from stress and anxiety, and a feeling of comfort.


"Weighted products and garments are beneficial to people with autism, sensory disorders and other special needs. Products made using soft, high quality textiles are preferred and better tolerated. A range of light to heavy weights provides options to accommodate personal preferences and needs" 

Kimberly Giuliano, MD 
Pediatrician - Cleveland, OH