CapeAble® Weighted Blanket

SKU: WB-054-S-2

CapeAble® Weighted Blankets help to reduce stress and anxiety, improves sleep quality and looks as great as it feels. Our patented SmartWeight® technology ensures the precisely sized glass beads remain uniformly distributed. Manufactured in the USA. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Features and Benefits:

  • Supersoft and luxurious Minky fabric
  • Blanket Weights
    • Small:  5 pounds
    • Medium:  8.5 pounds
    • Twin:  12 pounds
    • Full:  16.5 pounds
  • Easy Care: Machine wash & tumble dry
  • Weighted blankets comes in modern neutrals and fresh seasonal colors
  • No duvet cover needed
  • Free shipping
  • Manufactured in USA
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

The Science Behind the Comfort® 

SmartWeight® technology differs GREATLY from mass-produced weighted blankets

SmartWeight® is not:

  • A heavy blanket
  • A mass-produced weighted blanket
  • Not based on a 30+ year old formula
  • An uneven weight distribution that will shift, bunch, or twist
  • Covered with a duvet cover
  • A restraint

Precise Deep Touch Pressure

CapeAble® SmartWeight® technology utilizes Deep Touch Pressure principles for more nerve contact.

  • Weight conforms to any body size, shape, and age
  • Weight compresses gently and evenly with even distribution of weight
  • Weight remains in constant contact with more nerves

SmartWeight® Technology is Aligned with Current Neuroscience

CapeAble® SmartWeight® technology helps target an autonomic, instant neurological response from the brain.

  • Helps to provide superior somatosensory input
  • Helps calm the sympathetic & vagus nervous systems
  • Helps reduce stress & anxiety
  • Helps to activate the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Follows the body’s two-point discrimination ability


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