CapeAble® Dental Plush Lap Pad


Our Dental Plush Minky Lap Pad is a versatile weighted wearable made with the softest high quality fabrics.  It allows you to put concentrated weight around any part of the body; neck, lap, abdomen, knees. Make your patient's comfort a priority. Helps calm dental anxiety.

Every product is made with our unique SmartWeight™ technology for the perfect weight distribution to encourage the release of the body’s natural relaxation and stress-fighting hormones.

  • Dimensions: 
    • Medium - 12" x 31"
    • Large - 16" x 34"
  • Lap Pad Weight:
    • Medium - 3.5 lbs.
    • Large - 5  lbs.
  • 100% Polyester Premium Minky Fabric
  • Glass beads, premium grade, non-toxic
  • Machine Wash and Tumble Dry