Care & Materials

CapeAble® Care & Materials:

CapeAble® product fabrics were thoughtfully and purposefully selected to enhance the feel and designed to be easy to care, easy to wear, easy to use. 

Sacrificing durability and dignity was not an option.  Those in your care can benefit from multiple textures and styles for both sleep, movement, and focus. 

Premium Plush: (aka "Minky")

  • Machine wash cold*
  • Tumble dry low
  • 100% Polyester
  • Made in USA with imported materials

*Check your washer and dryer’s load weight capacity before washing. Commercial washer and dryer use is recommended for CapeAble® products over 10 lbs.

  • No fabric softener/dryer sheets
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron
  • Do not microwave
CoolWeight Fabric
  • 100% Cotton waffle weave 
  • Machine wash
  • Tumble dry 
  • Our CoolWeight scarf can be placed in the fridge or freezer to enjoy a cool feel. (We recommend placing scarf in plastic bag to protect.)
  • Made in USA with imported materials

      Medical-Grade Fabric: (Click HERE for more details) 

      • Clean with mild soap & water
      • Disinfect with hospital grade disinfectant wipes or sprays
      • Safe for warming ovens and freezers

      • Do not machine wash
      • Do not tumble dry
      • Do not microwave
      • Products with magnets stored in warming ovens may be hot to the touch
      • Strong, durable
      • Safe & comfortable
      • Easy to transition from patient to patient


      • Premium glass beads sized for targeted (Deep Touch Pressure) weight.


      We use magnets for clever hidden closures in many of our wearables collection (vests & capes) as well as our sensory enrichment products including the patented Magnetic Focus Fidget and LapPad. Strong enough to hold, quick enough for a safe release. the magnetic products interact and attract to each other!

      Laundry Tips:

      Magnets will attach to your washer and dryer typically without any harm to most equipment*, most other items in the laundry, or to your CapeAble products. Unfold and open to fully dry inside or outside the dryer. 

      * Refer to your washer’s and dryer’s manufacturer manual for guidelines.

      Some CapeAble products contain magnets. If you have a medical device that is affected by magnets, please choose a product without magnets.

      For special orders to exclude  magnets, email us at