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Will my order arrive before Christmas?

We appreciate all your support and would love to make your Christmas the best ever by guaranteeing every order could be delivered by Christmas.  However, we don’t want to make promises we cannot keep. 

Orders placed by Monday, December 11th, should arrive before Christmas.  We will make our very best effort for any orders placed after that date, but we cannot guarantee that they will get there before Christmas.  (We use UPS Ground and USPS, as the weight of our products makes air shipping options very expensive.) 

For people local to our retail showroom in Fort Wayne, you can purchase in-stock products and take them home with you.  Friday, December 22, is our last open day before Christmas.

Contact Marna by phone or Facebook message if you have any questions.


I purchased my CapeAble blanket last fall and haven’t slept with any other cover since then. I used to get up multiple times a night, but now my rest has improved immensely. I would recommend these to everyone.


My nephew Billy loves his weighted couch blanket. I have never seen him look so peaceful and attentive. 


Since our daughter has been using the CapeAble weighted blanket, we have noticed that we are able to help her calm down easier and that her meltdowns aren't lasting as long as they once were. Thank you!


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Weighted Blankets

Stress, anxiety, sleep difficulties, focus challenges, trama, learning struggles, or better self care. Whatever it is, CapeAble’s line of weighted blankets are designed to provide the comfort and care you deserve. And every blanket is now made with our patent pending SmartWeight™ technology for an even greater release of the body's natural serotonin and dopamine. Feel good. Look Great. Be CapeAble!

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Weighted Wearables

Our weighted wearables were designed because life’s challenges don’t just happen at home on the couch. Panic attacks, anxiety or stress shouldn't keep you or your loved ones from living life to the fullest. So, whether it’s indoors with family & friends or outside in a crowded public space, our wearables are as calming as they are comfortable. And not only can you feel good, you can look amazing too.

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Sensory Enrichment Tools

From the schoolroom on up to corporate boardrooms, our sensory enrichment tools have made a mark on the world of sensory products. These stylish products with vibrant colors and embedded magnets help to develop ideas, motor skills and even foster discussions about feelings & emotions. Once you start using them we hope you’ll agree, sometimes we just need permission to fidget, even if it’s just a little.

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