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Stunningly Beautiful Weighted Blankets Proven to Reduce Anxiety and Stress to Help You Live Your Best Life!

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Life is heavy
Life didn't turn out quite like you expected -- You are tired of being tired -- Your body is failing you -- You feel all alone
You are watching your loved ones suffer while you feel helpless -- You're carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders








Restless Leg


PTSD / Trauma



Nothing is going to change until you have a chance to rest and recover.

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Sit Back - Take a Deep Breath

Experience better sleep to keep you rejuvenated and rested. Enjoy reduced anxiety and stress at home or on the go.  Tackle the task at hand with improved mental focus at work or school. 

These benefits give you hope to overcome the daily challenges of life.

History - Weight Done the Old Way

The notion that a weighted blanket should be 10-15% of your body weight is outdated. This formula originated in spinal health for backpack and purse use, resulting in extremely heavy blankets (30 pounds or more).

The focus was on using more weight to control behavior, not on a neurological response.

This has been the standard with weighted blankets for 30+ years. This old formula needs to change.

Today's Brain Science - We Do Weight Better with SmartWeight™

We focus on a holistic, neurological response working with the body's nervous system.

Our blankets have a 2" square, the smallest in the industry, versus the average weighted blanket with 5-12" pockets. Our products conform to any shape and body size, compress evenly, and stay in constant contact with more nerves. Less weight is used more effectively.

Our weight does not shift -- no matter how you move, you're always covered in comfort.


Jaime Vinson BSN, RN, HN-BC, RYT, Parkview Health System

"I looked across the country for a weighted blanket that made sense -- one I could use for my research and in my hospital. I needed a consistent, reliable weight that did not shift and wasn't hot. I called many companies and talked to many occupational therapists who kept telling me: "You need to use more weight." Some suggested blankets up to 30 pounds, and no one could tell me what the weight was per square inch! I knew this was incorrect.

That was when I found SmartWeight™ technology. CapeAble understood what I needed. They make a blanket with weight that does not shift, conforms to the body, and is not filled with fibers that can make you hot. They don't even measure their blankets in weight. The total weight does not matter. The only weight that matters is the weight of the blanket that is touching your body. Their blankets provide superior somatosensory input. I am pleased to report that their blankets have helped many of my patients and are being used in several units and in research studies."


We have something for everyone! Whether it's a blanket for sleeping or cuddling, a fashionable wrap for while you're working, or a sensory item to improve focus, every product is designed to integrate with your everyday lifestyle.


Our products are meant for you, your children, your family, and your friends. By using CapeAble weighted products, you empower yourself and others to face anything.


Life is stressful! Using our products allows you to experience the relief you and your loved ones need.

What are you waiting for?

" You said this product wasn't a miracle,
but it sure does feel like it to our family "
-- a Mom in Indiana

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Shoulder Wrap


Can I wash and dry my blanket?
Of course! All of our blankets are machine wash and tumble dry.  They are designed without duvets or messy covers, so they are easy to throw in the washer; they wash up beautifully without bunching or tangling. Unlike other weighted blankets, our products can also be put in the dryer.  We want everything about our products to be easy; easy to use, easy wear, easy care!

Are the blankets too hot for the summer?
CapeAble blankets are comfortable all year round. Rather than using thick fibers, we use glass beads recycled from windshields. This fill material provides just the right amount of weight, without the bulk, and allows air flow through the blanket. We are clean and green, which is great for the environment - and that's cool!

How long can I use my blanket?
Other weighted blankets limit your use because they are too heavy. Because of CapeAble's SmartWeight technology, you never have to worry about setting a time limit on how long you use your blanket. All of the CapeAble weighted products are designed to be safely used or worn without time constraint.

Where are your products manufactured?
Our headquarters and manufacturing facility is nestled in America's heartland; Northeast Indiana. CapeAble was created, and is owned and operated by women who embody the very best of American manufacturing ingenuity. We have designed a patent-pending manufacturing process to ensure quality and consistency. Life is hard and so we work hard; necessity is the mother of invention!

Does CapeAble provide FREE SHIPPING?
OF COURSE! Life is heavy. We want to lighten your load!  We offer free shipping within the Continental United States.

Does CapeAble offer a Satisfaction Guarantee?
YES! We want you to be completely happy and satisfied with your purchase. If the product you selected does not work out for any reason, please exchange or return it within 100 days.

Why is CapeAble spelled that way?

Our very first product was a weighted cape that Marna designed to help her daughter, Millie.  Marna wanted a weighted product that would stay on Millie when she was out-and-about playing, shopping, walking, and biking.  In developing our product line, the word "capable" (CapeAble) became a powerful word and took on new meaning as we heard our customers' stories of the life-changing benefits of our weighted produts.  One little girl inspired something that has improved the lives of so many. Every person deserves to feel capable!

We Are CapeAble!

Our lives probably look a lot like yours; complicated families, busy schedules, and daily stresses battling for our joy. 

We believe that there can be gifts in adversity.

Marna grew up in Washington state riding horses and drinking coffee.  She grew up to be a warrior mom, a sales executive, and a passionate educator.

Susan grew up in Iowa, dreaming of world peace and doing jig-saw puzzles.  She grew up to be captain of her book club, a clothing designer, and a manufacturing manager.

Together, we are professional problem solvers.

Both of our families adopted children who had experienced early childhood trauma.  As parents in the trenches with our children (and their extreme behaviors) we quickly realized the effects of abuse and neglect on their brains.  Everything that we learned inspired us to seek tools that would assist in reducing the high stress and anxiety in our households.  When we could not find adequate solutions, we created our own.

First, we developed a patent-pending weight distribution, SmartWeight technology, which provides the most precise weight distribution on the market; following the science of DTP (Deep Touch Pressure). Then, we designed a beautiful, fashion-forward line of weighted blankets, weighted wraps, and sensory tools that we knew would benefit our families.  Finally, we engineered a patent-pending manufacturing method and established a facility to produce our products in Northeast Indiana.  

We are grateful that in today's over-scheduled and hectic world, CapeAble Weighted Products is providing something that everyone needs: peace in the middle of "hard" and strength in the struggle.

Together, let's choose hope and never give up!

With love,

Marna and Susan