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Sensory Tools and Wearables for Focus and Regulation

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What is Your Need?

The CapeAble Difference
is SmartWeight® Technology

Weight Done the Old Way

  • Weighted blankets originated in the mental health field as an alternative to a tie-down restraint
  • Heavy weight focused on controlling extreme behaviors
  • 10-15% of body weight rule originated with spinal health for backpacks/purses, resulting in extremely heavy blankets (30 pounds or more)
  • This has been the standard for weighted blankets for 30 years

The "Old Way" Needs to Change

  • Weighted blankets need to catch up with current neuro-science
  • Weight should target a neurological response and maximize nerve contact
  • Weight should be focused on the weight per square inch that is touching the body, not the total weight of the blanket
  • CapeAble is changing the standard in the weighted blanket industry


* Less weight used more effectively

*Focused on a holistic, neurological response

* Weight does not shift no matter how you move, due to our 2" square (the smallest in the industry) vs. the average 5-12" pockets in other blankets.

* Precisely follows Deep Touch Pressure: Conforms to any shape or body size, Compresses evenly, and stays in Constant Contact with more nerves.


* Fashionable in any home decor

* Fits your lifestyle: travel, work, and play

* Premium fabrics in stunningly beautiful colors

* Stylish and trendy Wraps & Scarves to wear
(not just blankets)


* Machine Wash and Tumble Dry

* 1-piece construction - No Duvet Covers

* 100% recycled glass beads that are round, smooth, extra clean, non-toxic, and non-odor absorbing

* Perfect sized beads for air circulation to keep blanket cool (not sand glass)

" You said this product wasn't a miracle,
but it sure does feel like it to our family "
-- a Mom in Indiana

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