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I have gotten all the grandkids blankets for Christmas size medium and twin. For myself I have a wrap and twin blanket. The quality is phenomenal. They are beautiful too. And AMERICAN MADE. I’m glad that I decided to support this company. My favorite is my wrap. I also have a weighted scarf, the larger one. It is heavy on. Sometimes I can only have it on for just a little while, too heavy. Fidget is soft. Gets even softer the more you fidget with it.



I was an insomniac with restless legs, but no more! I purchased a weighted blanket after seeing the creators on Indiana Week in Review, and I can't speak highly enough about their product. I fall asleep in no time at all, and no more restless legs. It's like I'm being hugged all night long. I wake refreshed and happy and I'm so thankful! Truly life changing :)



My daughter has had issues with anxiety. This has helped her feel comforted and now she falls asleep much quicker. Thank you for such a soft product that allows her to feel relaxed. The texture is very helpful too as each side has a different texture.



Weighted Blankets were recommended by our OT on multiple occasions, but we hadn't sought them out. We met CapeAble at a conference and were able to experience the unique way the weight is distributed throughout the blanket, making it heavy but not awkward to use. We bought a bed size blanket for our son and he now sleeps under it every night and it helps him calm down at the end of the day. He is also learning to use it when he is upset. Recently when he was sick it got messy and it was so easy to wash in our washing machine with no extra care. Super important with kids!



I've tried a few brands of weighted blankets, and I can honestly say this is the best! Not only is it the softest and most comfy, but due to the way it's made, which differs from others, the weight is evenly spread out and constantly felt, which is the whole goal of a weighted blanket! With the others I've tried, the beads would fall off to the side, making it hard to feel the pressure. Being machine-washable without a duvet cover is just icing on the cake! My primary purpose for the weighted blanket is to help with relaxation, especially at night. I can say it truly does help! I'll definitely recommend these products (and this wonderful company) as both a consumer and licensed clinical professional counselor.