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Clinically-Proven Weighted Blankets & Weighted Wraps for Serious Calming Relief.

The CapeAble Difference
is SmartWeight® Technology

Weight Done the Old Way

  • Weighted blankets originated in the mental health field as an alternative to a tie-down restraint
  • Heavy weight focused on controlling extreme behaviors
  • 10-15% of body weight rule originated with spinal health for backpacks/purses, resulting in extremely heavy blankets (30 pounds or more)
  • This has been the standard for weighted blankets for 30 years

The "Old Way" Needs to Change

  • Weighted blankets need to catch up with current neuro-science
  • Weight should target a neurological response and maximize nerve contact
  • Weight should be focused on the weight per square inch that is touching the body, not the total weight of the blanket
  • CapeAble is changing the standard in the weighted blanket industry


* Less weight used more effectively

*Focused on a holistic, neurological response

* Weight does not shift no matter how you move, due to our 2" square (the smallest in the industry) vs. the average 5-12" pockets in other blankets.

* Precisely follows Deep Touch Pressure: Conforms to any shape or body size, Compresses evenly, and stays in Constant Contact with more nerves.


* Fashionable in any home decor

* Fits your lifestyle: travel, work, and play

* Premium fabrics in stunningly beautiful colors

* Stylish and trendy Wraps & Scarves to wear
(not just blankets)


* Machine Wash and Tumble Dry

* 1-piece construction - No Duvet Covers

* 100% recycled glass beads that are round, smooth, extra clean, non-toxic, and non-odor absorbing

* Perfect sized beads for air circulation to keep blanket cool (not sand glass)

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You said this product wasn't a miracle, but it sure does feel like to our family.

Mom from Indiana

Tried the cheap quality weighted blanket brands first. Didn’t work. You won’t regret this investment. Thank you Capeable for changing my life!


“I have bought a blanket for my mother, husband, and all 4 of my kids! You don’t know what you are missing until you sleep with one of these.”


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