3 Reasons Why Your Weighted Blanket Isn’t Working

Why Do I Hate My Weighted Blanket?

“Buy a weighted blanket,” they said. “You’ll love it,” they said. But here you are, throwing your weighted blanket to the floor in disgust. Are you missing something about this whole ‘weighted blanket’ thing? Or is everyone just nuts?

If this sounds too familiar, let me assure you… there’s not a single thing wrong with you. But there might be a few things wrong with your weighted blanket. If your weighted blanket is causing pain or if your weighted blanket feels claustrophobic, it is likely that the blanket you are using has one (or all) of the following design flaws.

  1. It doesn’t conform to your body shape or size
  2. The weight/compression is too aggressive
  3. The constant shifting prevents constant and consistent contact with your nerves

These design flaws are common among mass-produced weighted blankets sold in large retail outlets. These blankets  are manufactured often overseas, and have no basis to claim therapeutic relief. 

We also want to be clear: the misinformation you’ve consumed about weighted blankets isn’t your fault. Our hope is to empower you with education by dismantling the false information out there and make you a more informed consumer.

1. Your Weighted Blanket Doesn’t Conform to Your Body Shape or Size

Our bodies come in all different shapes and sizes and none of us are Flat Stanleys. With most mass-produced weighted blankets, the sandglass will fall to the side of your body: your legs, your arms, etc. The sandglass will shift, twist, and bunch. This will give the feeling that your weighted blanket is a restraint.

Instead, the weight should be evenly distributed so as to gently lay over your body, giving the most optimal contact with your nerves while giving you comfort and freedom of movement.

2. The Weight or Compression is Too Heavy or Aggressive

The overall weight of weighted blankets is too heavy according to common old formulas. 

The old formula is focusing on the total weight of the blanket and completely overlooking the size of the weight distribution square.

The old formula is taken from spinal health advisors for backpacks and purses (adult=20-25% of body weight, children=10-15% of body weight) and was never intended as a formula for a blanket you will be using all night long.

This faulty design creates uneven joint compression, causing aches and pain.

3. The Constant Shifting Prevents Continuous and Consistent Contact with Your Nerves

Large squares + sandglass beads + gravity = inconsistent contact with your nerves, rendering your blanket ineffective. If you don’t get consistent contact with your nerves, you won’t be able to reap the benefits of your weighted blanket. 

Your weighted blanket should maintain even weight distribution for more nerve contact, enabling an instant neurological release to calm the sympathetic nervous system and relieve stress and anxiety.

What To Look For In A Weighted Blanket

So, what do you need to look for in your next weighted blanket in order to avoid these pitfalls?

You need a blanket that consists of small squares (less than 3x3 inches). Those small squares should not be full of sandglass and polyester fibers, but instead slightly larger, consistently sized glass beads that won’t shift away from your body.

When you have a blanket made this way, you don’t have to worry about the overall weight of the blanket, because the point isn’t the overall weight, but the weight per square inch. Your focus should be on the distribution of weight; it has nothing to do with being 10-15% of your body weight.

When weighted blankets are done properly, the compression is gentle, like a massage on your nerves, creating a beautiful calming effect. They conform perfectly to your body, whether you’re a back, belly or side sleeper.

So, if your weighted blanket is failing, and you kind of hate it, it’s not you, it’s your blanket.


CapeAble® Weighted Products Delivers the Best Weight Distribution

CapeAble® SmartWeight® Technology has broken the mold on antiquated designs and makes weighted blankets and wraps that conform to any body shape/size/age, compresses gently and evenly and provides constant and consistent contact with more nerves. We want to get on your nerves, in the best possible way.

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