About Us

CapeAble Sensory Products started with the love that we have for our children, and that passion continues to drive us every day. We feel incredible hope in the work that we do, and we are deeply invested in the people that we serve.

Both of our families adopted children who had suffered Early Childhood Trauma resulting from their time in orphanages and US Foster Care. As parents in the trenches with our children (and their extreme behaviors) each of us got a quick education on the effects of abuse and neglect on the brain.

My daughter, Millie, has been one of the greatest gifts in my life but she did not fit the adoption dreams that my husband and I had. After nine years, she still lives in a constant state of fear and survival; Her special needs are profound. Millie is low cognitive, mostly nonverbal, and anti-social. She does not sleep well, she runs from the house, she has constant rages at home and in public, she cannot attend a traditional school, and she will never be able to live on her own.

God has used Millie in wonderful and hard ways in our family. My husband says that Millie is a magnifying glass for our lives; she reveals our greatest weaknesses, but also our greatest strengths.  God has used Millie to humble me, to lay down my expectations, to release control, and to trust Him in every area of my life. I have always believed that every life is precious and has worth but Millie has taught me just how true that is. Even if Millie is never healed in the way I once envisioned, I will be grateful for what she brought into my life and for who she is.  
There would be no CapeAble Sensory Products without Millie. She inspired the original Cape and so many other products. A child who was considered a throw away has touched many lives. Millie’s life is more valuable and impactful than I could have ever dreamed up!

My children are very bright and high functioning. The wounds from their early trauma exhibit themselves in rages, power struggles, self-sabotaging behaviors, violence, and emotional isolation. I used to believe that my love could heal my children. I knew that they were safe and that I would always love them. I couldn’t understand why they were still acting like I was the enemy.

My children taught me that although my love cannot heal them, it is far more powerful than I ever knew. I have learned that love is a verb. It is an action. It is a decision that I make every day. I will love my children. I choose hope; and I will never give up.

We each have our own stories, gifts, and challenges We are better together. Marna has been a professional sales person and an educator. Susan has been a clothing designer, a retail store owner and a manufacturing manager. We combined our skills and applied what we had learned about the sensory regulatory system and our experiences with our children. We have created a new standard in the weighted products industry.

There is brain science innovation behind our patent pending micro 2” distribution of weight. Our design provides superior conformity, compression, and more consistent contact with your nerves, which are constantly sending millions of messages per second to your brain. If the messages from the nerves are negative, like a hand touching a hot stove, your brain will direct you to remove your hand – fast. The CapeAble Products supply an input that is pleasing and comforting. Neuro Transmitters fire up in your brain and propel the release of serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins; the feel-good chemicals. Thus, your central nervous system becomes calm and regulated, allowing better function of the higher thinking frontal cortex of your brain. You feel more relaxed and better able to focus.

We needed effective, practical, and easy tools for our children. We wanted the items to be fashionable and dignifying. We refined and expanded our concept into an extensive and innovative line of Sensory Products that calm, soothe, focus, and delight.

The journey we have been traveling in each of our lives personally and professionally has brought many challenges and many blessings. Most of the challenges have also been blessings. We have personally experienced and witnessed the profound impact that our products can have in our lives and in the lives of our children. We take the CapeAble products to appointments, to school, in the car, at the dining table, on the couch, to church, and to bed.

Testimonials pour in from struggling families that have benefited from our products. We are amazed and inspired by the far-reaching applications that CapeAble has for conditions that we had not even considered. It is humbling to hear how many lives are positively impacted by the CapeAble products. We believe that people are the most important part of our business. We build purposeful relationships with each other and our customers based on love, understanding, and authenticity.

We have become professional problem solvers as we have engineered the design and production of the CapeAble products. After several bumps, fits, starts, and setbacks we have become our own manufacturer. It has been an overwhelming and exhilarating experience to create a process, a space, and a culture of CapeAble. We are committed to hiring individuals of all abilities as we grow our business.

We embrace the mess. We know hard, and we know that hard can be beautiful, so we persevere and overcome challenges. We find strength in the struggle. We choose hope, and we never give up.

Together we are CapeAble. Together we Embrace Every Day!

     Marna and Susan