What medical professionals have to say about CapeAble

The Eye Associates

A cutting edge product has elevated the level of patient care and comfort in my practice. As an Ophthalmologist, many of my patients are awake during their surgical procedures; this can cause anxiety for the patient.

I have used the CapeAble weighted products on my patients in the pre-, intra-, and post-operative settings. During stressful exams and procedures, the CapeAble weighted items are effective in calming my patients and providing comfort.

Ophthalmology is micro surgery and even small movements can decrease the safety of the procedure. The cocoon like comfort of the CapeAble products helps the patient to remain calm and still; facilitating a successful procedure and increasing the comfort of both the patient and the doctor.

Cathleen McCabe MD, Medical Director
The Eye Associates, Sarasota, FL

LJ Friedrich Consultants, LLC

As an educational researcher of the quality of life issues of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and developmental disorders, and as a parent of a child with ASD, I highly endorse the CapeAble Sensory Products line of weighted blankets, capes, lap pads, and scarves.  In my experience, a weighted product can calm the anxiety and nervous motions that may interfere with a person’s ability to concentrate, breathe, and experience the happiness of the moment in life.  The design, quality, and feel of the CapeAble brand products are at the highest level that I have used. There is a softness to the touch that is often associated with comfort.  The weight is evenly distributed in order to cover the user consistently.  The colors are both fun and distinguished (depending on the user and choice of garment).  I have met the owners of this budding company and can attest to the dedication and spirit that they have for providing a product that can truly enhance the quality of life of the user.

Lisa J. Friedrich, Ph.D., Founder and Primary Researcher
LJ Friedrich Consultants, LLC, Oakland Township, MI

Sweet Peas, Inc.

My Experience with CapeAble and their line of weighted therapy products has notably improved my success in attaining outcomes with the pediatric clientele that I serve.  Tailored to the contours of the body, with the option to provide proprioceptive input at the shoulder girdle and/or pelvis has been paramount to organizing the nervous system.  The design, ease of use, and versatility in the line make it a frequent and beneficial solution when promoting sensory regulation.  I have observed the following clinical benefits in using the CapeAble products during my treatment sessions:

  • Improved quality and duration of attention/focus
  • Increased quality of handwriting performance
  • Normalization of rate of speech for increased intelligibility in conversation
  • Calming for the anxious child
  • Enhancement of smooth visual tracking and saccades

The results have been tremendous in my clinic, turning the heads of speech-pathologists who have begun to use CapeAble weighted items in their treatment sessions, as well, increasing participation and overall speech performance.

Lisa M. Coville, OTR – Private practitioner, 26 years
Sweet Peas, Inc., Fort Wayne, IN