CapeAble® Magnetic Focus Fidget™

Type: Sensory
SKU: MF-001-N-0

Our patented, best-selling Magnetic Focus Fidget is an amazing, go-anywhere manipulative with hidden magnets to fold and connect in countless ways.

Widely popular with therapists and educators to help with processing and focus. The Magnetic Focus Fidget is quiet, engaging, and delightful for everyone.

Who can resist the push and pull of a magnet? Interactive with other SmartWeight® products that have hidden magnets.

  • Size: 5” x 15”
  • 12 Magnets
  • EASY CARE: Machine wash & tumble dry (See Care & Materials for more details)
  • 100-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Free shipping
  • Made in America with imported materials

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    • Why SmartWeight?
      Discover The Science Behind the Comfort

    • Why CapeAble?

      CapeAble is inspired by a mother’s love to help her child
      We are not just another weighted blanket company. CapeAble® products are inspired by a mother’s desperation for a daughter with profound special needs, and with extensive research resulted in the innovation of our patented SmartWeight® Technology.  By paying attention to the details of current neuroscience we are disrupting the therapeutic weighted product industry and changing lives. Read more about our story.

      CapeAble’s Unparalleled Product Commitment
      Because life is hard, messy and beautiful, CapeAble® products are practical, versatile, easy to use, wear and care for.  Beyond applying the therapeutic principals of Deep Touch Pressure, we had you and those you care for in mind in our design for durable and beautifully dignified products. Making sure you have the right product to meet your need is of the utmost importance to us.  See our 100-Day 100% Guarantee below.

      CapeAble is Purpose Driven
      We are a movement of change for inclusion. We know and understand the challenges you face. We are driven to provide products with a goal of helping to provide calmness, comfort, focus and connection we all need.

      Additionally, we have a passion to help Care Givers, Health Professionals, and Educators up-level their care with SmartWeight® Technology and to break free from outdated formulas and therapies. 

      We exist to help everyone know how wildly capable they are! 

      CapeAble is proudly  manufactured in the USA*
      A growing, dedicated team of hard-working people make CapeAble products with love and a commitment to premium quality. We embody the very best of American ingenuity in our proprietary manufacturing process .

      Our headquarters, manufacturing facility, and show room is nestled in America's heartland, Fort Wayne Indiana, USA

      *CapeAble® products are made in the USA with imported materials.

    • Why is CapeAble Spelled That Way?
      Because it started with a cape, the word "capable" (CapeAble) became a powerful word and took on new meaning as we heard our customers' stories of the life-changing benefits they felt after using CapeAble® SmartWeight® weighted products. Together, We are CapeAble! 
    • Does CapeAble Give Back?
      We especially like to advocate for care givers, health professionals and educators and related organizations and have a special heart for adoption, special needs, and neurodivergent communities. We also like to give back by cleaning, refurbishing and then donating returned products to those in need.


    • Who will Benefit from SmartWeight® Weighted Products?
      Touching more touch points in such a gentle and targeted way means your body is getting “just right” input with a goal of felt safety, calm, comfort, and focus.  CapeAble® products may benefit those seeking help with stress, sleep disruption, anxiousness, co-regulation, connection and resilience. However, please follow all user size and age recommendations, and consult with your physician about any concerns before use to ensure a safe experience.

      MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: All content and media on the CapeAble website is created and published online for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice and should not be relied on as health or personal advice. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professional with any questions you may have regarding your health or a medical condition. Never disregard the advice of a medical professional, or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website.
    • What Products Should I Get?
      CapeAble products are versatile and can be used in many ways. For all night sleep (when horizontal), start with our weighted blanket collection.  For daytime use while you are on the go (upright or reclining), try weighted wearables (vests, capes, wraps, and scarves). 

      If you are unsure, please ask us.  We love to help you choose. 

      We want you to be 100% satisfied with your CapeAble products.
      See our 100-Day 100% Guarantee below.

    • How Do I Choose a Vest or Cape?
      The cape provides a calming, hug-like compression around the shoulders and upper arms, front and back. The vest activates more touch points on the entire torso, front and back and can be worn open or closed. 

      For the gentle squeeze of compression, reference the size chart on the product page for a snug fit.  Consider if your goal is the weight only and/or compression when choosing your size.

      Both the vest and the cape are reversible and stay in place with hidden magnetic closures and allow for great freedom of movement

      Not sure which to get? Ask.  We love helping you decide.
      • How Long Can I Use My Weighted Products?
        The CapeAble® SmartWeight® Advantage ensures that even our heaviest products have evenly distributed weight. This means you’ll never need to worry about setting a time limit when you use our products.
        However, please follow all user size and age recommendations, and consult with your physician about any concerns before use to ensure a safe experience.

      • How Can I Warm or Cool my CapeAble Products?
        Enjoy your products warm from the dryer or medical blanket warmer/cabinets. We cannot recommend microwaving as it has not been tested for safety.  Products with magnets should never be microwaved. For cooling (scarves especially), pop them in the freezer (in a plastic bag to avoid smell transfer).


      • How Do Weighted Blankets Work?
        CapeAble® weighted blankets utilize the scientific principles of Deep Pressure Touch to promote relaxation and improve sleep quality, with the aim of achieving a calmer, happier, and less stressed state of being. Research shows that when weighted pressure is applied, the body’s stress-fighting mechanisms are activated and begin to encourage a calming response. 

      • What Are the Wellness Benefits of a Weighted Blanket?

        CapeAble® SmartWeight®
        Products may help to:   
        • Provide relief for sensory issues
        • Reduce stress and anxious feelings
        • Prepare for a restful, sound sleep by activating “relax” mode
      • How are CapeAble® Weighted Blankets Different?
        Our patented SmartWeight® Technology helps ensure weight is evenly and precisely distributed through a grid of 2” squares. With this weighted “drape” that hugs every curve of the body, increased contact and consistent weighted pressure helps to optimize the benefits of Deep Pressure Touch for an improved state of wellbeing and maximum comfort. 

        The SmartWeight® Advantage also helps to reduce bunching and the “bean bag effect” that could occur with uneven weight distribution. With even weight distribution, one can enjoy the feeling of a secure hug while still having the freedom to move. 
      • How Heavy Should My Blanket Be?
        SmartWeight® Technology uses less weight more effectively for a more targeted touch. Current research tells us it's the weight distribution per inch that matters, not your weight or the weight of the blanket.  Being heavy isn't the goal.  The goal is Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) to reach the 3rd layer of the skin with a just-right, instant comfort similar to receiving a hug.  For guidance and special orders for a heavier weight, contact us at

      • What Size Blanket Should I Buy?
        CapeAble® SmartWeight® blankets are designed to cover just you in whatever mattress size you have and in general are smaller than the mattress top and therefore also smaller than your bedspread/comforter/blankets. You won’t want any overhang (the law of gravity at work).

      • Why Shouldn’t People Share a Weighted Blanket for Sleep?
        CapeAble® SmartWeight® blankets are designed for individual use. This is important for the very best night sleep to reap all the possible benefits from the therapeutic principals and power of Deep Touch Pressure.

        However, if you’re just relaxing on the couch or snuggling with someone, sharing your weighted blanket extends some benefit to them too!

      • How Do I Use My Weighted Blanket? Should I Use This on top of a Comforter?
        Please keep in mind that weighted blankets are not designed to be used as a comforter or bedspread. Layering a weighted blanket on top of a comforter will trap body heat, making it difficult to enjoy restorative rest. We recommend layering your weighted blanket on top of a single top sheet.

      • How Can I Keep from Getting Too Hot?
        CapeAble® SmartWeight® blankets are designed for year-round comfort. In fact, we've even been told that our blankets aren’t warm enough. However, it is important to remember, if you are a hot sleeper, your body heat may be trapped under any blanket or sheet you use, whether weighted or not.


      • What are CapeAble Products Made of?
        See Care & Materials

      • Which Products Have Magnets? 
        The vest, cape, lap pad, and Magnetic Focus Fidgets have magnets. The hidden magnetic closures make getting in/out of wearables fast and easy.  The hold is strong enough to hold well, but releasable if/when needed.  If you have a medical device that is affected by magnets, please choose a product without magnets. For special orders to exclude magnets, email us at


      • What is the SHIPPING Cost?
        Shipping is FREE within the Continental United States.

      • Where Do You Ship?
        Currently, the Continental United States.

      • How Do I Return Products for an Exchange or Refund?
        We want you to have exactly what you want and need! Go ahead—sleep on it.  (Or should we say: under) If you are not 100% satisfied with your CapeAble® product purchased on within 100 days, you are welcome to exchange or return it.

        Please call us for guidance or send an email with your order number to  We’ll send a shipping label with instructions.  Once we receive the product, we will contact you to arrange the replacement or refund.

      • What is the 100-Day Satisfaction Guarantee?
        We are committed to your 100% satisfaction. It’s important to us you are completely happy with your purchase. Contact us at within 100 days of your purchase to arrange for a refund or exchange.   



      Express Pay with PayPal, MetaPay, and you normally would with all major credit cards as well as ShopPay which offers the option to pay in full at checkout, or to split your purchase into installments.

      • Do You Accept Purchase Orders?
        For business customers with a minimum order of $50, Yes!
        Please email us at to learn more.
      • Will Insurance Pay for Weighted Products?
        Please check with your plan administrator to verify whether these items are eligible for coverage under your insurance policy. CapeAble does not accept payment from insurance policies or HSA accounts as a payment method on our site.

      • The information provided on is provided as an educational resource only.

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      READ MORE about The Science Behind the Comfort

      Read the IBR Study


      Our patented SmartWeight®
      technology helps ensure that
      weight is evenly and precisely
      distributed through a grid of
      2" squares.

      Our Competitors

      Unlike Competitor's blankets
      with larger squares, 
      SmartWeight® technology
      also helps to reduce bunching
      and the "bean bag effect" that
      could occur with uneven
      weight distribution. 

      With this weighted "drape" 
      that hugs every curve of the
      body, increased contact and
      consistent weighted pressure
      helps to optimize the benefits
      of Deep Touch Pressure for an
      improved state of wellbeing
      and maximum comfort.