CapeAble® Weighted Cape

SKU: WC-034-XS-4


The CapeAble® Weighted Cape is like no other weighted vest or compression wearable you have experienced. Rather than pockets of weight along the bottom, the weight is sewn into the cape and is evenly distributed across the body for consistent contact with more nerves, providing deep touch pressure that does not shift or fall to the bottom.

There are no beanbags or weights for children to lose. You will not experience the pulling on the shoulders that comes from the “rocks in my pockets” feel. It is like a soothing, gentle hug leaving you feeling calm and safe.

The CapeAble® Weighted Cape is practical for all abilities and all lifestyles. Easy on and off with magnetic closures for people of all abilities and challenges. No velcro or snaps or weights falling out of pockets. Can be worn all day, if desired. Because the weight is distributed evenly across the torso, and not pulling from the shoulders, it is safe to wear as long as the user feels comfortable wearing it.


  • Weight:
    • X-Small - 1.75 lbs.
    • Small - 2 lbs.
    • Medium - 3 lbs.
    • Large - 4 lbs.
    • X-Large - 5 lbs.

  • 100% Polyester Premium Minky Fabric
  • Recycled glass beads, premium grade, extra clean
  • Neodymium Magnets
  • Machine Wash and Tumble Dry



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